Founded in 2013, the Resonance Reading Series is one of Montreal’s leading literary forums where both emerging voices and established authors can share their writing before their peers and with the public. On a monthly basis, it presents the best of poetry, prose and non-genre specific text, focusing on English literature, but also being open to work in translation and multilingual projects. Fostering a supportive literary community, the series stages local writers, writers from across Canada and, occasionally, writers from North America and beyond.

The Resonance Reading Series is curated by poet Klara du Plessis. The selection process aims to be inclusive and unbiased toward a single style, yet favours writing that embraces the contemporary, is not confined by traditional definitions of literature, but is new in an integral rather than imposed manner, taking risks honestly. Over the past three years, the schedule has included a majority of women and strives toward diversity. The Resonance Reading Series welcomes writers from the LGBTQ community, writers of colour, and indigenous writers.

Ongoing, is an online archive building toward a comprehensive index of every writer who has read at the Resonance Reading Series, featuring publications, background information and a writing sample – a small gesture to counteract the ephemerality of the reading series as genre, to congregate the amazing spectrum of writers that makes the Resonance Reading Series possible.

Contact klaraduplessis [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.