Montreal-based poet, singer-songwriter, editor, and translator Brian Campbell is the author of three full-length collections of poetry, the latest of which is Shimmer Report (Ekstasis, 2015).  Brian Campbell also enjoys taking photographs – of leaves, dolls, and featured readers at literary events like Resonance.







Common wood           pieced together                 to form
interlocking           squares         the gluing         splicing
curses                   laughters     of workmen       long forgotten
but here                  a solid floor

in   the rectangular     blocks     the fissures      
are canyons       the knots         thumbprints
sand dunes             galaxies                       eyes

The dialogue               on which                  we rest—

       So what’s your name               Brian    What’s yours
       Jocelyne                                       I’m from Toronto
       I lived there too                        Did you like it
       I prefer here                               I’m with you there
      There they live to work           here we work to live             

I love the cornices             the spiral stairs
the stained glass                    ‘Montreal vernacular!’
the cafés                            the bookstores   
the French                            Hey have you seen
that movie                     Chacun cherche son chat                                          
I’ve heard                       good things about it            it takes you    
to Paris                              Would you like                      to go

On this floor         we’ve walked         left books
wine bottles         newspapers       (swept scrubbed
polished)            sat together           listened to music
lain                     arm in arm                           cried

I’m seeing this       piecing                 together    
it        joins            into one              like this floor


—from Shimmer Report (Ekstasis Editions, 2015)