Bükem is a writer. She is the managing editor of Cosmonauts Avenue, an assistant to the program director of Summer Literary Seminars, and her work has been published in Headlight Anthology, Lemon Hound, and Matrix Magazine. She is an MFA candidate in fiction at UMass Amherst. 




Why don’t you go to real school? Are you slow? Did a kid hit you? Did you hit a kid? Are you insanely smart? Are your parents hippies? Are your parents religious? Are your parents Mormons? Are your parents super protective? Are you even allowed to talk to other kids? How do you socialize properly? Are you socially awkward? Do you run around the living room for gym class? Do you get snow days? Do you wear pyjamas all day? Do you do the dishes for Home Ec? Can you watch TV? Isn’t sex-ed going to be awkward? Can your mom fail you? When do your parents have time for sex? Aren’t you sick of your mom? Do you have any friends? Do you get any privacy? How will you ever get laid? Do you read the Bible for Lit class? Does talking about prom make you sad? What are you gonna do for graduation? Are your parents going to draw up your diploma with crayons? Do you have to get tested before university? Why aren’t you weirder? Are you able to reproduce? Do you believe the injustice of dual-sidedness is hardly simpleminded in its lugubriousness? Does your Jesus know my Jesus? Is the tenacity of foresight in reality quite political in its romanticism? If you were a ghost how would you make friends? How would you get a bus in a filing cabinet? Does Santa know to skip your house? Can I borrow five bucks? Is to go along the mission is to become one with it? How do you skip class? Is it possible life is nothing short of an unfolding canopy of joyous coherence? Are your parents pro- or anti-mango? Does a llama feel? If you were a Presbyterian what would you do differently? Is the hope of meridians to plant the seeds of sharing as opposed to materialism? Does a parrot aspire to be more? How would you obtain your moral compass in a supermarket? How do you see the comparison between your life so far and dog’s? Is this life is nothing short of an ennobling lightning bolt of non-local aspiration? Does your God have feet? If you were a piece of stationary how you would behave? Does nothingness likes to take a walk in the park? Is fashion is often one floor above you? Is the goal of supercharged waveforms to plant the seeds of truth rather than dogma? What is life? What is death? What is love? What is this? What’s a Baha’i?