Erin Robinsong is a poet and interdisciplinary artist thinking about ecology, interventions, and pleasure in her work. Recent performance includes This ritual is not an accident with choreographer Andréa de Keijzer, and Osculations on a Theory of Islands with poet/sound artist Kathleen Brown. She has read/performed at A Rhythm Party (Princeton), The &NOW Festival of New Writing (San Diego), The Conference on Ecopoetics (Berkley), and many others. Her first book of poems is forthcoming with BookThug. She is from Cortes Island, and lives between Montréal and Toronto. 




    - Mary Ruefle 


In The Winter of Our Perpetual Gas Bill,
or the Residual Bill of the Spurned Energy Provider
an invoice will sometimes arrive
in my inner ear, saying you don’t owe
anything, you only need to pay

attention. Well,
when I’ve finished spinning
all this gold into code, it will be done.
At this, the invoice licks itself
and lies down with all the other unopened
envelopes, but eventually, agents

close in and freeze my accounts,
walk into my mouth and repossess
my teeth, or cover my eyes while driving
to make me pull over and sit
on the side for a while
engulfed in fog and television snow
blizzarding from my eyes. I

empty my pockets, prepare to give over
my ovaries, but they would take no payment.
They made me pay a visit to the riverbank
and unwithdraw all my funds. I was made to lie
with my head in the warm current and open my mouth

and let the sun deposit gold on my tongue,
while the river moved some investments around
in currencies that eddied
between my legs and down
the spirals of my ears.