Jack Hannan has published three books of poetry, the first in 1976, and the most recent in 2013. The book Some frames (Cormorant Books) was short-listed for the A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry in 2011. A novel, The Poet is a Radio, will be published in April, 2016, by Linda Leith Publishing. He lives in Montreal. 





                                                     (after Guilhem de Peitèus)


I feel the tone of the song you have sung so freely to be so pleasing

it is a gift, the palms of your open hands,

the skin on the drum of your own soul,

your voice as an arrow that you have drawn from your quiver now toward my soul too,

this is true I say, yes, I do say this is true,

and I whisper these words to praise you in your offering, I stand shadowed and still

in witness,

after all is cast from the workday’s hands to the ground, used,

days of sense and days of folly

days of pride and honour too

a day of boldness and a day of fear

and I whisper these words to suggest that the play of song may begin for us and may continue

for I am full of wonder in my thoughts of you